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Discover a paw-some collection of dog-inspired t-shirts for humans at Tinitees. Shop now and let your love for dogs shine through your style. You love pets? There are various kinds of personalized gifts for you and your pets who are always by your side. Customized pet t-shirts are easy to create with photos and given names. Or if you would like to send gifts to your friends who are animal-lovers, a pet t-shirt is a unique present that they will cherish forever.

Pet t-shirt: an interesting gift!

Looking for an interesting gift for your friends is always a difficult task. Especially, you are really want to give the person you love the most meaningful gift. But the thing is, there are many styles and various of t-shirts out there and you are not sure about how to choose the t-shirt that suitable for your friends. Then, a pet t-shirt is a good choice for you.

The benefit of wearing a custom pet t-shirt is the shirt goes beyond simply delighting with pets. Whenever a friend wears that pet t-shirt, he/ she may remember you. More importantly, the shirt tells something about their pets which is really meaningful.

Meaning of giving your friends with pet t-shirts

Choosing a pet t-shirt for as a gift will make the gift much more special. Some meanings that they surely feel from your gift:

Show your love

Giving your beloved ones a pet t-shirt that fits for them is a best way to help them realize that how much you love them. Pet t-shirts are simple, but they mean a lot. Receiving a gift with a picture of their pets on it shows that you are really a true friend, and you are always thinking of them.

A thoughtfulness shirt

A pet t-shirt with a meaningful slogan is the best way to express your love with your beloved ones. Besides, you can show your thoughtness by knowing what colors, sizes, and styles that they like. Moreover, if you buy a pet t-shirt as a gift that they will keep for a while and have plenty of occasions to use, each time they remembering it was you that gave it to them.

Show your care

A pet t-shirt is an essential piece of clothing in any wardrobe. Anyone can wear a t-shirt. Besides, pet t-shirts may draw the attention of everyone who sees it, and it will make your friends look cooler.

Benefits of wearing custom pet t-shirts

There’s more to pet t-shirts than meets the eye, though. That said, here are 4 advantages of wearing a pet t-shirt:

Justify the personality of the owner

Whenever a friend wears a pet t-shirt, it tells something about him/ her. The quote on the shirt totally justifies the personality of the owner. Why not give everyone a good reason to pass their judgment by giving them a look at a cute t-shirt that defines exactly your friends’ personality.

Personalized design

When it comes to customized pet t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. With a custom pet t-shirt, you can personalize the design to make it suitable with your friends. Just express what you want, and the tailor will do the rest. Your friends will be happy to have such a meaningful gift which is perfectly designed for them.

Easy to make friends

Wearing a pet t-shirt and take the pet out for a walk, that is a way to attract pet lovers. This is how a pet t-shirt can add charm to your friends’ personality. A secret note, if your friend is a pet-lover and his/ her crush is, wearing a pet t-shirt in front of crush can help him/ her to increase the chance of attracting the opposite.

Add to the vibe

People do different things to cheer up their mood and enthusiasm, eat a tub of ice cream, binge something unnecessary, and anything. Pet-lovers who will cheer up their mood by putting in a favorite pet t-shirt and staying inside with their pets all the time. Sometimes, a few people, a few things, give you that positive vibe you were always looking for. The pet t-shirt may be the one that fits your friends in such thing.

Buying guide for best custom pet t-shirts

When it comes to custom pet t-shirts, there are a few things you need to take into consideration in order to make sure that you are getting the best possible t-shirt:


The fabric is the first thing you should pay attention to when buying your t-shirt. The material will determine how great the t-shirt will look. The fabric should not only be excellent in its quality, but it should also be soft, and lightweight enough to be won easily. A good fabric will also be able to recover its original shape after washing and dying.

With that in mind, the best fabric should be in cotton. It is the most common type as it comes in different colors, feels great, and can be worn almost everywhere.


As for color, this factor is straightforward. Just choose the color your friends like. But, pay attention to the color’s tone. The light shades for the summer and dark ones for the winter is a good choice. In general, don’t go for color too close to the skin tone, as it might cause people feel weird. The best color for casual t-shirts is white, black and blue.


When it comes to style, there are a few things to think about before buying a custom t-shirt. First, go for basic styles like solids and stripes. Then, go for prints that fit your friends. You can choose from different patterns but make sure that your friends will love it.


The facade of a pet t-shirt is how it looks on your friends. So, it is very important to know how to pick the right sizes when buying a custom t-shirt. This means you should have prepared for your friends’ waist, shoulders, arm, and uppper chest sizes properly taken. With that information, you could accurately find out the t-shirt size that will fit your friends properly.

This is a recommendation on what you should give your friends who are pet-lovers. The best gift is come from your heart. Surprise your loved ones with a cute pet t-shirt will make them melted and they will love the gift you give them with love.